The Amazing Power
Of An Encourager

We have a workable plan in our book. We have an exciting live event when our live event comes to your town the transporters will have police escort the transporter are glitzy and a fly over by our fighter jet the Spirit of America. When we leave we have a plan to keep in contact with every attendee through Encourage X to sustain the purpose of ENCOURAGE-BUILDUP-UNITE.

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There’s a Change
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Bob Skelton was born in Zenith, West Virginia, with his humble start to life. Bob was born in his grandmother’s home, and the delivering physician was given two chickens in payment. Humbling would be an understatement. This might bring a chuckle from most of the younger readers today. Readers might even question if this were really true. I can assure you it is. When Bob was five years old, his family relocated to Winston Salem, North Carolina, where Bob went to grade school and high school. After high school, Bob was drafted into the army for two years. Bob spent eighteen months of this time in Okinawa, which is off the east coast of China. After returning home from the military, Bob entered the prosthetic program at Bowman-Grey School of Medicine in Winston Salem for two years and then transferred to Duke Medical Center for two years. With the completing of his schooling and passing the American boards for certification, Bob and Sue then moved to Florence, South Carolina, to begin practicing his profession. After a couple of years, Bob was contacted by a couple of friends to start a floor covering business, which they did. When the big recession of the late 1970s -1980s hit, Bob nearly lost it all. The school of “hard knocks” didn’t get Bob down. He rose from the ashes a smarter, shrewder man. From the lessons he learned during this difficult time, Bob was able to build a highly successful medical business, flying to larger cities and making his state-of-art services timelier for the patients. This different way of doing business made it necessary for Bob to get more pilot training by get- ting his Multi-Engine Instrument rating. While acting as pilot, Bob has now accumulated total time in excess of 3,600 hours. Bob was able to purchase one single-engine and three twinengine aircrafts. This also opened up many doors to use his flying skills to fly physician friends, NASCAR drivers, governors, and Lt. governors. It also allowed Bob’s family to travel almost weekly. Bob has served on the Florence Airport Authority for eleven years, as chairman of the
Florence Airport Authority for two years, and on other financial boards at his church and property owner- ship. Bob and his wife, Sue, were married in 1974. On occasion, they enjoy letting other pilots handle the flying duties as they travel around the world to unique destinations. They have been privileged to visit their son, Grant; daughter-in-law, Rebecca; and three grandchildren, Harrison, Suzanne, and Adelle in Hong Kong, vacation in Hawaii, and tour Europe. I would think this has been a pretty exciting life for Bob, a little two-chicken baby from Zenith, West Virginia. Bob, a.k.a. “two-chicken baby,” has come a long way and led a pretty exciting life since his early days in West Virginia. Now, in his sunset years, Bob is focused on sharing “The Amazing Power of an Encourager” TM with you so you can receive the immense joy that has helped him throughout his entire life. Most importantly, Bob wants you to share “The Amazing Power of an Encourager” TM with others so they can experience the blessing of encouragements from someone who truly cares. I want to invite you to be a part of the team in making a difference by allowing us to send updates and news so you are well informed next.

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Topics Covered


Power of an Encourager

The power of an encourager can be the greatest way for a person to influence the destiny of another person. It will give the greatest return on the time spent for anyone.


People Are Hurting

The people you meet every day eight out of ten are hurting and most likely you are clueless they don’t look any different they might even smile.


Three Types of People Who Come Into Our Presence Every Day

In the book a traffic light is used to describe these three types the red light being the largest group but the least desired that is why this book can help the red lights to become green.


What being an Encourager does for you?

It starts with you giving to want to help someone, but what happens you will find that you are rewarded as much or more than the person you were trying to Encourage.


What an Encourager looks like?

When you walk into a room full of people most of the time you will see a person who has a number of people standing around them. They are not loud, but everyone wants to hear what they have to say it will always be about the other person.


The impact of discouragement

The impact of discouragement is hard to measure as to how much damage is created. It is very possible the curry for some dreaded disease could have been found when someone stopped work because they were discouraged that it was not possible to be found. Many children have been told, they were stupid by a parent or a teacher.


The Power of a wife’s Encouragement

The person most men want to please the most and to have them be the proudest of them is their wife.


Husband, Empower Your soulmate

When I look at marriage. When we encourage our greatest cheerleader we add so much value to every part of our life. We model such an example to our children for their marriages and the chain continues.


Encouragement goes viral

That is when we win as a society, it has a unifying effect that must us unbeatable.


Editing for Bob has opened my eyes to the different ways in which we can encourage others, even total strangers, in our daily lives. All in all, this powerful book has the potential to touch every generation and people of all backgrounds. In fact, if someone reads this book and doesn’t have several “aha moments,” then there is definitely a problem because reading it opens up the fact that it is possible to positively change the world through encouragement.

Dawn “D.A.” Goodwin

The Offender I Once Defended is Dawn’s first memoir, published under her pen name, D.A. Goodwin.

Dawn “D.A.” Goodwin earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in English Language and Writing and, years later, she went on to earn a master’s degree in English and Creative Writing so she could focus on bring- ing her passions for writing and editing to life. She is currently seeking a PhD in Education, and she teaches English Composition at a local college. Today Dawn also runs, a website that has been offering professional edit- ing services since 2013. In addition, she edits books for other authors and is the editor of Diversity Works Magazine©.


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What people are saying

Bob has been a friend for twenty years or more. He has run
many things by me over the years for my advice. We have also
flown many miles together in his plane across America as I
was doing autograph sessions. I have been able to learn his
passion for this country and the division that exists. He has
shared his time with me; now it’s my turn to tell you about my
friend and our concern for this country. This book on
encouragement is the key to building up people instead of
tearing them down, and that will create an environment for
Americans to unite. If we do not come together, this country
cannot and will not stand as a free nation. Join us as we fight.
We can never give up. As Bob says in his book, “When we are
so divided, nothing else really matters.” Look around. I agree!

  • Cale Yarborough
    3 TimeNASCAR Champion

This is a book all about change; change that is imperative to
growth. This is not a book to be read. It is one to be absorbed,
and if you give it the opportunity, it will make each and every
one of you better…and who doesn’t want that?!

  • André Bauer
    87th Lt. Governor of South Carolina

Bob, you originally conceived the book, “The Amazing Power
Of An Encourager” for America, but as an international
missionary, I can quickly say it is for the whole world because
everyone everywhere and every day needs encouragement in
what they do. This certainly energizes them to do that and
more, still assuming they’re doing it for the lifting up of all
humanity. As you say, it will make you a better you.

  • Jennifer Favour
    International Missionary from Uganda

Bob Skelton has a heart for America and her people. He lives to encourage and inspire the best in his fellow citizens as well as people from around the world. Given the chaos in today’s world, we need a book like this to help us remember how to serve others with kindness, humility and love. Read this book and share it with everyone you know… especially those with whom you have trouble finding common ground. It will bless both of you.