The Amazing Power Of An Encourager

I feel there should be an explanation as to what is meant when you say “America at the crossroads”. The next bold statement is “There’s a change a coming”. I don’t think anyone would disagree with this statement. We, as a country, are at a crossroads and a decision has to be made. When you have this much division in a country, nothing else matters and we cannot continue on this course. There has to be a change. Now this change has begun with Winning America. No one can change anyone else.. That has to be their choice. Bob says, “Let this start with me”. What he is asking is for you to check out the blue print in his book “The Amazing Power Of An Encourager”. Encourage – Build Up – Unite. Next, join in by saying “Let It Start In Me”. Just saying it will not change things. You have to practice it. By reading the book and start doing your part in saving our country will help bring unity back. If not, where will we go if we lose it?


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Suicide Is Preventable

A husband, father, grandfather, businessman, author, and a 3600 hr. multi/engine instrument private pilot. Most of his success came after the darkest days of his life. Bob believes that there is hope even if you think all is lost. There was a time when Bob wanted to put an end to his misery and leave his wife and son behind, but there was hope for him. He just had to focus and not give up. This book is just another form of hope that has found its way to you. Read inside everything you need to know, from signs to prevention and how to deal with such a situation in our lives. Bob has word painted everything from struggles to steps to highlight that you are not alone and that you can, too, find the will to live within yourself