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Retire Business Man, Pilot, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author
Schooling Bowman-Grey School of Medicine, Duke Medical Center, New York University, NorthWestern University, UCLA
Certified Prosthetist, Licensed Multi/engine Instrument
Pilot (3600 pic)
I have been married to my wife Sue since 1974, we have one married son with three wonderful grandchildren who live in Hong Kong. I was born in Zenith,West Virginia, but my family relocated to Winston-Salem,NC when I was 5 years old. I lived there until my military days in the army. I returned there for two years to start my education and then relocated to Durham, NC to finish my schooling. Two years later, I moved to Florence, SC to start my career. I have owned three business. I retired from my Prosthetic Practice a few year ago to pursue other fields of interest. I enjoy golf but have chosen to give that up to focus on trying save lives form the hopelessness that wants to make them take their life. If I can help the thousands of people hurting from the acting of other thinking everyone will be better off without me. This is not true don’t believe it.

My deepest concerns are for our and the division that is destroying this once great nation that was when Winning America was started. I want to create an epidemic of millions of American who will Encourage-Build up-Unite. We as a nation are at a Tipping point if we continue to destroy each other politically, racially and in our church’s this country will not stand. A little Jewish man ask a friend if we lose our country where will we go? I believe if there are not some major changes the question is not if any more it is when we lose her where do we go. That question will be answered by every American who does nothing. I ask will you join me or if you have a better plan share it with me if it is a viable plan we will make changes. I cannot do it alone it will take a team of millions. If you care contact Winning America and get involved. We are joining together with organizations to do training, we want to start cell groups all over our nation, Uniting or the same working together. This country is its greatest when we are facing difficulty and its people bands together. I do believe that when the churches of America can get behind something it is unstoppable with God’s help and your financial support. We can save lives and families from the hurt the is caused from Suicide.

Bob Skelton

There are two great days in a person’s life the day we are born, the day we discover why.

William Barclay