The Amazing Power Of
An Encourager

I feel there should be an explanation as to what is meant when you say “America at the crossroads”. The next bold statement is “There’s a change a coming”. I don’t think anyone would disagree with this statement. We, as a country, are at a crossroads and a decision has to be made. When you have this much division in a country, nothing else matters and we cannot continue on this course. There has to be a change. Now this change has begun with Winning America. No one can change anyone else.. That has to be their choice. Bob says, “Let this start with me”. What he is asking is for you to check out the blue print in his book “The Amazing Power Of An Encourager”. Encourage – Build Up – Unite. Next, join in by saying “Let It Start In Me”. Just saying it will not change things. You have to practice it. By reading the book and start doing your part in saving our country will help bring unity back. If not, where will we go if we lose it?

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What people are saying

Bob has been a friend for twenty years or more. He has run
many things by me over the years for my advice. We have also
flown many miles together in his plane across America as I
was doing autograph sessions. I have been able to learn his
passion for this country and the division that exists. He has
shared his time with me; now it’s my turn to tell you about my
friend and our concern for this country. This book on
encouragement is the key to building up people instead of
tearing them down, and that will create an environment for
Americans to unite. If we do not come together, this country
cannot and will not stand as a free nation. Join us as we fight.
We can never give up. As Bob says in his book, “When we are
so divided, nothing else really matters.” Look around. I agree!

  • Cale Yarborough
    3 TimeNASCAR Champion

This is a book all about change; change that is imperative to
growth. This is not a book to be read. It is one to be absorbed,
and if you give it the opportunity, it will make each and every
one of you better…and who doesn’t want that?!

  • André Bauer
    87th Lt. Governor of South Carolina

Bob, you originally conceived the book, “The Amazing Power
Of An Encourager” for America, but as an international
missionary, I can quickly say it is for the whole world because
everyone everywhere and every day needs encouragement in
what they do. This certainly energizes them to do that and
more, still assuming they’re doing it for the lifting up of all
humanity. As you say, it will make you a better you.

  • Jennifer Favour
    International Missionary from Uganda

Bob Skelton has a heart for America and her people. He lives to encourage and inspire the best in his fellow citizens as well as people from around the world. Given the chaos in today’s world, we need a book like this to help us remember how to serve others with kindness, humility and love. Read this book and share it with everyone you know… especially those with whom you have trouble finding common ground. It will bless both of you.

Bob shines a bright light on the fact that “encouragement is the best
nourishment” for building stronger personal relationships with our
family, friends, and colleagues. If everyone could see the world
through Bob’s eyes, we would all be a lot closer God’s vision of
humanity – Kindness for all our brothers and sisters

  • James E. Brown,
    Founder an Chief Encouragement Officer
    at EncourageX

Bob loves this country and has poured his heart and soul into his mission of seeing this country unite. “The Amazing Power of An Encourager” gives thought provoking and practical steps to become an encourager and be the change you would like to see in this world. It’s a book that you will want to purchase extra copies and share with your friends. It’s time for unity in this world and it starts with each of us. This book helps us get the ball rolling. Let’s be an encourager, today!

  • Matthew Fouch
    Bass singer with Legacy Five
    Host of on the Couch with Fouch